The wild BOYS


Bâtonnage is the stirring of dead yeast cells during the winemaking process and thus a more than suitable label for a group of revolutionary wine connoisseurs, which some may even refer to as rebels. For the five winemakers bring movement in the Austrian wine scene and the name Batonnage is whispered amongst the wine lovers in Austria.   

It all began in 2000, with a legendary blind tasting by the five friends Markus Altenburger, Florian Gayer, Gerhard Kracher, Erich Scheiblhofer and Christian Tschida.  On this night, the "Club Batonnage" was born. Detached from the often superior conventions of the wine world, these five Musketeers face the enjoyment of wine in a casual relaxed manner.


The wine:

The main percentage consists of Blaufränkisch grapes which, like the Cabernet Sauvignon, come from the low minerality Leitha Mountain-vineyards in Jois. The third grape partner is full-ripened Merlot, originating from the Andauer Prädium. On the day of harvesting the respective varieties, the five musketeers search the vines for fully ripe to slightly overripe grapes. These are cold-macerated at 4 ° Celsius and then fermented. New French barriques, in a "double oak" style, give this masterpiece the necessary setting.