100% BLIND Big Succes

Big Succes for Erich Scheiblhofer and Big John! 

Markus del Monego, Germany (Sommelier World Champion 1998) and Adreas Larsson, Sweden (Sommelier World Champion 2007) tastet for their Magazine "100% BLIND" nearly 300 wines of Austria blind. 

Erich Scheiblhof won nearly all of the red wine categories and competed successfully against Kollwentz Steinzeiler, Heinrich Salzberg etc.


1st place Cuvée Rot  - Big John 94,5 points (highes numer of points out of all tasted wines)
3rd place Legends 93,5 points
1st place Cabernet Sauvignon 92 points
1st place Merlot 92,5 points  
1st place Shiraz 91,5 points
1st place Zweigelt Prädium 91,5 points
5th place Blaufränkisch 91 points